Aerobie’s founder, Alan Adler, was a man in pursuit of performance. In the ‘70s, the Stanford Engineering professor noticed the shortcomings of popular flying discs of the day. Adler set out to make something better.

After eight long years of research and development, he had done it. His invention, the Pro Ring, broke the world record for the farthest thrown object. Today’s version soars over 1333 feet!

Adler didn’t stop there, however. He founded Aerobie in 1984 and over the years re-engineered, improved and invented numerous other flying rings and discs. Every item he created vastly outperformed any other on the market.

Due to the brand’s supreme quality and innovation, Aerobie has become the world leader in performance flight sporting goods. Now a part of the Spin Master family, Aerobie continues Alan’s legacy of breaking records and always seeking that next level of performance.