RB19 Skate Gear Wristguard Black

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The Skate Gear wristguard is designed for all levels of skaters wanting more protection and breathability. The pads are right/left specific to comfortably protect the hands with a slim fit. Wristguards typically tend to be the second piece of protection purchased after a helmet because the first impulse in a potential fall situation is to put the hands out in front. The wristguard helps disperse the impact and give a little slide so the impact will not be as bad and the hands will stay protected as much as possible from scrapes. Quality construction, fit and protection make this a great value for all skaters._x000d_

- SKATE GEAR WRISTGUARDS keeps skaters protected during all types of skating. Recreational and casual skaters will benefit from the high quality, protection and comfort. Includes a reusable mesh bag._x000d_
- ANATOMICAL, RIGHT/LEFT SPECIFIC CAPS provide durability and protection with comfort._x000d_
- EASY STRAP CLOSURE SYSTEM keeps the pads securely in place._x000d_
- BREATHABLE MESH IN THE LINING helps skaters feel cooler and drier._x000d_
- PADS ARE CONVENIENTLY LABELED RIGHT AND LEFT on the straps to ensure they are worn properly.