RB19 Twister Edge Cust Kit

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With a great turn around on Rollerblade products, if there is anything you cannot find on the B2B then please feel free to call or email Ian directly and we will look into bringing stock in for you.

Email: Ian.hendrie@tkcsales.co.uk


Personalize your Rollerblade Twister Edge skates with the Twister Edge Custom Kits. Available in three colors (ice white, petrol blue and burnt orange), these kits make it easy to give your skates a little extra pop. A pair of cuffs with buckles, lateral sliders and laces come packaged with all the necessary hardware to assemble the cuffs and sliders. Please be sure to select the correct kit size for your skates. Size 1 (skate size 230-245), size 2 (skate size 250-265), size 3 (skate size 270-285), size 4 (skate size 290-310)

- INCLUDES CUFFS, SLIDER PLATES AND LACES to customize one pair of skates and the necessary cuff bolts, slider bolts and wrench to assemble.
- SELECT THE RIGHT SIZE to match your skates. Size 1 (skate size 5-6.5), size 2 (skate size 7-8.5), size 3 (skate size 9-10.5), size 4 (skate size 11-13)

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