EOLO PopUp Kite Stunt 110cm Try - 6 PK

Code: 110630-001

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The Try is an entry level stunt kite that allows beginners to perform amazing stunts within minutes of setting up their kite

Revolutionary pop-up assembly

The kite pops into shape; just like an umbrella; then you simply slide the pre- fitted spars into place and attach the included flying lines

Pop-it!  Connect It!  Fly It!

Everything you need to start flying you kite is included

110cm wingspan

Includes 2 x 25 metre flying lines on winder handles

Sail is designed from sturdy ripstop

Fibreglass 4mm spars

Vinyl storage bag

Flying instruction book included

Wind Range:  5 to 12 mph

The Try kite comes in red, blue, green and yellow.  Colour varies