BZ Advantage 42.5" Bodyboard - 6 Pack

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BZ's Advantage Boogie Board is an ideal start-up board for any first-time bodyboarder. The Advantage comes in 42.5 inch. The Advantage bodyboard is an exciting beginner-level boogie board that will let you make fun wherever you are, be it at the beach, a lake, a river, or a water park. The possibilities to make unforgettable memories are endless. The Advantage is equipped with a crescent tail that is naturally more comfortable because it adapts to your belly and body shape. Additionally, the crescent tail has less contact with the face of the wave and increases the bodyboard's fluidity, especially in barreling, close-out, or shore break conditions. A bodyboard with a crescent tail is always looser and will respond quickly to abrupt decisions. Advantage boards come with a high-grade HDPE graphic slick bottom for added speed and performance, an EPS foam core, and a deck that is made of 8lb green cell. This board is ideal for riders looking to catch their first waves and perform maneuvers.

  • HDPE -> High-Density Polyethylene slick with channels for enhanced rider grip and board control. Smooth durable bodyboard bottom-skin material that adds protection, speed, and performance.
  • BOARD TAIL -> Crescent bodyboard tail for heightened glide in the water. This tail type is designed for all wave conditions, it gives the board excellent control and performance. Includes coil wrist leash. Riders can rest assured they will never lose their board.
  • PERFECT STARTER BOARD -> The Advantage is the perfect entry-level board as it features all the technical needs of both a starter and an advanced surfer. Includes Channels, no Mesh, and no Stringers.
  • FUN IN THE SUN -> Ideal for riders approximately 125 lbs and less than 5'2" tall and under. Our bodyboard is ready for hours of fun at the beach, river, or water park. Just enjoy the wonderful experience of riding a wave.
  • CORE -> A premium super lightweight core, EPS cores are the most current, state-of-the-art fused cell material on the market.

Size is the most important element to consider when choosing a new bodyboard.

Both weight and height will also make a difference in your performance so these are important points to pay attention to when choosing a bodyboard as well. While our size chart is a good guide you can do what is called rough sizing chart references. Rough Sizing Chart Reference is when you hold out the board in front of you to measure the size, your ideal bodyboard should reach from your knees up to your chin.

Heavier riders are advised to choose a template with increased width for extra flotation and buoyancy. If a rider is generally going to be riding really small waves choose a bigger board for extra flotation. Alternatively, if you're seeking bigger waves, a smaller board will work much more effectively, you'll have more of your body in the water which increases control.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you out in making a decision on what size bodyboard will be the best for you.


Your board, when standing on its tail (the back end) should come up to roughly within an inch to either side of your belly button. If you normally ride small waves, an inch above, big waves an inch below. If you are a bigger individual that doesn't meet height standards, then you'll need a board that is shorter and wider.


You should be able to hold the board comfortably under your arm and against your side without much if any slack between your armpit and the rail. Again, the type of waves you ride may help your decision. Wide boards for smaller waves, narrower for bigger waves. Big rider? You need a wider board.

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