YOW Mini Malibu 36" Surfskate

Code: 310001-037

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A more classic surfing feeling, and also, an easier surfskate for the ones that are starting.
Malibu (36” x 10” x 23” WB) is such a fun and fast board. The feelings it produces are amazing, as riding a Mini Malibu on a claasic long wave.

The long Wheelbase lets you pump comfortably, taking a more open line than on your normal surfskate.

  • Size: 36″ x 10″ x 23″WB
  • Trucks: Caliber 8.5″ Standard/Silver
  • Wheels: 66 x 50mm 82A Coral
  • YOW System: S5
  • Concave: Performance
  • Rocker: Tail Rocker

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