YOW Truck Pack 4mm

Code: 310100-008

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At YOW we do not stop testing and developing the YOW truck for maximum performance and reliability.

After several months of research and development we have achieved the best version of the YOW axis so far.

The part of our system that has undergone  most modifications is the spring.
On the one hand we’ve gone from having three different springs
(3mm, 4mm, 5mm) to two springs (4mm, 5mm). On the other hand, it had a base that supports all the spring diameters to a base for each spring, so from now on we offer a base for the 4mm spring and a base for the 5mm spring.

This is the 4mm pack.
The geometry of the spring has also been changed from a spring with the pins in a vertical position to a spring with the pins in a horizontal position and with two turns of spring more than the original one.

The truck has been modified from the foundations by improving the casting mold that gives more depth to the space where the spring goes.
A CNC  machining technique has been applied to make the seat of the pins for the new spring.
Finally the needle bearing of the upper part has been replaced by one of balls, 100 times more resistant than the previous one.


Each of the "Truck system" is for its own purpose and the fact that it only accepts one spring reduces the possibility of incidents while improving the performance of the spring.
As for the  YOW complete set-ups there will be certain models that will come with the 4mm or 5mm springs, later it is specified which model goes with which spring.
The modification in the casting mold means that the spring cannot rub against any part of the base, at the same time the seat of the upper ball bearing (old needle bearing) has been deepened, making it much more protected and safe from dirt.
Starting to work with springs that have the pins horizontally is what has allowed us to reduce parts in the truck. At the same time it  has become necessary to incorporate two seats inside the base that grip the upper and lower pin of the spring. These seats are machined with a numerical control machine and offer several advantages and improvements to the system:
- Eliminate the likelihood of mismatches in the system.
- They offer a better rebound since the pins are always locked in place.
- They make the springs last longer.
- They enhance the sensation of surfing at the same time as the control of the rider.
- They simplify the mechanism at the same time as its assembly and disassembly.
- They allow you to push with more security and power.