Groover Sled Buddy Polar Bear - 6 Pack

Code: 812206-PB

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"Groover Sled Buddy with Arctic Groove Technology (AGT)


  • • Arctic Groove Technology displace melt water faster, giving greater speed and control
  • • Soft foam construction prevents the user from feeling the cold of the ground through the sledge
  • • It also makes the Snow Groover so light (500g) that it’s easy to run back up the hill with it, time and time again
  • • Hard plastic sledges tend to crack on bumpy terrain and end up as an unsightly pile of plastic rubbish once the snow has vanished
  • • The foam in the Snow Groover keeps it going for much longer, giving much better value for money.
  • • Handles for stability and control
  • • Funky design for a super fun snow ride

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