Modarri X1 Desert Camo Single - 6 PK

Code: 840004-004

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Featuring off-road tires and a roll cage frame, The PRO X1 Desert Camo Dirt Car will have you blazing your own trails! Use the dirt rally jump to enhance your terrain and turn any living space into an exciting playground. Jump included.

Our Modular Building System has retained screws that won't fall out. Just loosen the screws with the hex tool provided and swap out parts! Modarri PRO's real suspension and finger-steering mechanics puts you in the driver's seat for tight maneuvers like figure eights, without ever having to reposition your hand! It's the ultimate toy car experience!

Each Pack Includes:

  • Brown X1 Dirt chassis
  • Green/Brown Camo X1 Dirt hood
  • Green/Brown camo X1 Dirt Fender
  • Green X1 Dirt frame
  • Front and Rear Suspension + Street Wheels
  • Hex Tool
  • Plastic Rally Dirt Jump

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