Rollerblade 2019 Metroblade GM

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With a great turn around on Rollerblade products, if there is anything you cannot find on the B2B then please feel free to call or email directly and we will look into bringing stock in for you.


Call: 01380 872950

The Metroblade GM features the highest level of performance with cool urban aesthetics. Developed with Greg Mirzoyan, this unique skate is fast, responsive and lightweight. Cutting edge technology in the inner boot creates a skate that proves “ feeling” is more important than “seeing”.

  • Wheels: New Hydrogen 4x80/85A, made in USA
  • Shell/Upper: Metroblade, Composite Sole, Lateral Slider in the box
  • Liner: Heel shock eraser (HSE) footbed
  • Frame: PRO 243 Extruded Alu 7005 4x80, 243mm, racing axles, laterally adjustable
  • Closure: Cuff Power Strap, 45 degree Velcro band, laces
  • Bearings: ILQ - 7 Plus

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