Nordica/Tecnica/Blizzard now offering BASI Member Discounts!

Welcome to the Noridca/Tecnica/Blizzard BASI Pro Deal.  Please view the attached PDF documents to peruse our tailored BASI Ranges and discount structures.

                        Click Here for Nordica BASI Offers                       Click Here for Tecnica/Blizzard BASI Offers

All products are available for Pre-order only through one of our affiliated retailers, listed below:

Participating Retailers

To secure your pre-ordered kit, simply contact you nearest participating retailer and submit your order using the attached order form.

Click Here to Open/Save Order Form 

Please note:  Order deadline is 18th April 2019 for delivery Early October 2019.  Valid BASI accreditation is required at time of order, and all product is intended for personal use only.  Deposits taken at retailers discretion.

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